No Spam At All

Background: No Spam At All

I visited the dashboard of a new client’s WordPress blog, I found out that the site gets around 3,000 spam comments a day. At the time of my visit the site has 89,394 pending comments.

I started a database backup of the site, when i completed the backup, the site database size was 260MB. I deleted all the pending comments and did a fresh back and the size was around 101MB.

The owner have anti comment spam plugin installed, i removed the anti spam comment plugin and cleared on the information about the plugin in the database, and did a fresh backup of the site, and got 16MB.

I was thinking of writing a comment plugin before, i had to speed up the project. and finally this is it.


No Spam At All is a powerful WordPress plugin that prevents spam comments on your WordPress website/blog. The plugin filters out
comments that are posted by robots on your blog. This is the only plugin that actually deals with spam comments without looking back.
Go from 3,000 spam comments per day to zero spam comments per day. If you have bulk of pending spam comments, “No Spam At All” will help you manage the comments with just one click.

Features of “No Spam At All”

  • Prevents spam comment to WordPress powered sites/blogs.
  • Clears all spam comments with one single click.
  • Filter out all likely spam comments from pending comments (comments awaiting moderation).
  • Logs all spam comments for you to see(will be optional in future updates).
  • From 3,000 useless spam comments per day to zero spam comment (Restore your peace of mind).

Installation of “No Spam At All”

You can install this plugin by searching through WordPress plugin directory available on your WordPress dashboard. Search Term “No Spam At All

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does “Delete Has Link” button do

This button, when clicked deletes all comments awaiting moderation that contains at least one anchor tag( something ). This process is not reversible, Once you click the button, you cannot restore those comments back.

What Does “Clear all Pending Comment” Button do

This button clears all comments awaiting moderation. All! Comment Awaiting Moderation. It doesn’t give a damn whether it is good comment or spam comment.
For example, if have up to 5,000 comments (around 98% spam comment on queue), you will not want to waste time going through all the comments. A click on this button (Clear all pending comment button)is all you need.


The link to the settings page can be found via WordPress settings menu. Click on settings menu on your WordPress dashboard, on the pop up menu, you will find “No Spam At All”.

The settings are quite self explanatory, if you have any issues setting it up properly, please contact me for free setup.


If “No Spam At All” actually does what it says. and you love the way it does it. please make a donation for the future versions of this plugin and other plugins coming up soon.

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Download “No Spam At All” Plugin

No Spam At All

No Spam At All Screenshots

Setting page section 2

No Spam At All

No Spam At All

Setting page section 1

No Spam At All

No Spam At All

Dashboard showing stopped spam comment

No Spam At All

No Spam At All