Flutterwave Payment Solutions and Bills Payment Plugin

Flutterwave payment solutions supports 12 payment methods and provides mobile money payments across 37 countries around Africa, Europe, and USA. This payment solution includes payment for digital services like Airtime, cableTV, Data bundles, Tolls, Internet subscriptions, Power and Electricity.

Features of Flutterwave Payment Solutions

  • Flutterwave payment solution provides multiple payment channels for your customers to complete their orders.
  • You can resell services like, Cable subscriptions, Airtime, Data, Internet subscription, Toll fees, etc and make commissions from each transaction.
  • Digital POS Services: The plugin provides ways to generate payment URL and send the payment link via email to a customer. For freelancers, or other digital service providers can use this service to get payment from clients. You can enter the service description and quickly get a link to send to your customers to complete the payment process.
  • Manage bill categories, enable and disable bill category, update background or font colour of bill categories to match with your theme or display wish.
  • Automated payment and service provision when bills are paid through the provided from end link www.yourstore.com/pay-bills and manual bill payment services from the wordpress admin for offline customers.

Bills Payment

Sell digital services like Airtime, Data, DSTV subscription in 6 countries + All countries in Africa and make 2% per transaction for Airtime and N30 for DSTV subscriptions/bills payments.
Once you enable this feature in the plugin configuration page, your users will be able to pay bills through your website/blog. You will also need to fund your Flutterwave wallet for the bill payment to be fully automated.

Digital POS

This feature enables you to send payment link to a customer, when the customer completes the payment, the payment information will be sent back to the website and the order will be processed.

If you provide digital services, or you are a freelancer, this is an easy way to bill your clients from within your WordPress Blog/Website Admin.

Whatsapp clients, Twitter clients, Facebook clients, Instagram clients can pay you through the link. You do not need to share bank account each time you want to collect payment.
Complete the digital POS form and the payment link will be automatically emailed to your customer.

Woocommerce Payment Gateway:

If you have woocommerce installed, you can enable “Flutterwave Payment Solutions”

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