With Skype installed and connected to the internet you can make free PC – TO – PC calls.
Note: This is intended for MTN users who are using MTN fastlink or phone modem and do not have any active plan. If you have active bundle on MTN network or any network, there will be no need for any configuration.
The steps below shows how you can download, install and configure Skype so that you can make PC-TO-PC calls free of charge.
1. Download Skype from here
2. Install Skype; installation is very easy if you have installed any program in your computer before.
3. Configure Skype as below
a. Click on Tools and select “options”
b. From the option pop up window select “Advanced” then select “Connections”
c. From the drop down list box, choose HTTPS and enter the Host = and Port = 8080 (see the screenshots below)
d. Save the settings and restart Skype.
e. From now on Skype connects whenever your MTN fastlink or phone modem is connected (with or without any active bundle).
f. Have fun adding your friends on Skype – you can add me too (pnet101)
g. Call to infinity (you gonna need a headphone and a microphone unless you like shouting to your system, like Helloooooo!!!!!!!!! lol).
h. Need more assistance, feel free and lay it here (comment) or: