Netcut is a powerful software that can easily be misused, the intention of this post is not to fuel those who will use the software for malicious purpose but to educate those who will find this software useful in a legal way. NetCut can help network administrators in so many ways. I presume that the reader already have mere knowledge of IP (internet protocol) address and MAC (Medium Access Control).
With NetCut you will be able to properly manage your network using ARP protocol.
Also NetCut is a very good protection solution for ARP spoof attacks – so you can stay away from this type of attack.

NetCut can be used to steal someone’s internet connection, cause service denial to Hotspot internet services providers etc.
If you have ever come across a hotel hotspot, internet café, or school hotspot with login page and you don’t have a cent to spend, NetCut can help you borrow someone’s internet connection (although you don’t need to inform the owner, lol).
Download NetCut here
You need Winpcap to use NetCut so download Winpcap here
First you need to install netcut and Winpcap
Lauch NetCut
Choose the network adapter
List the computers on the network and their MAC
Cut off the client you want to use his/her internet connection
Change the MAC
You are online
NetCut Limitation
NetCut 2.08 can only run perfectly on windows xp it can’t run on Windows 7 even if you have the latest version of WinPcap installed.

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