I found out that most people even with the right setting can’t still connect to Tor network.
The reason is this: Tor needs to load some relay information into your system before connection can be established.
To help Tor achieve this you must have a good internet connection ready.
If you want to browse free with Tor follow the steps below. Tested on MTN, it can work with every other network.
Get the requirements ready
To load the relay information you need an unrestricted internet connection.
For me, i used MTN daily plan of 50MB/day which cost 500 Naira only to load Tor relay information for myself and my homes, they are all browsing free now(that’s by the way)
Just send 103 to 131 from your MTN line to get daily plan activated.
1. Download Tor from www.torproject.org and install
2. Download Tor addon from addons.mozilla.org.
3. Restart firefox after installing the addons. (NB: I didn’t say Restart your system….laughs)
4. Lunch Tor
5. Wait for Tor to establish a connection.

6. From Vidalia control panel click “view the network”
You will see something that looks like the second image below.

7. With all the relay information loaded as in the image above
you can now change your setting so that you can browse without any plan /bundle.
a) Click on setting in the Vidalia control panel
b) Click on network tab
c) Check i use proxy to access to the internet.
d) Enter proxy address = and port = 8080
e) Type = HTTP/HTTPS
f) Click “Ok” to save the settings.
8. Exit Tor
9. Discount from MTN connection to avoid wasting your precious 50mb.
10. Connect back with any SIM without active bundle and lunch Tor
Tor will establish connection with 30s and lunch Firefox.
11. Ensure that the Tor addon is enabled.
12. Connect other browser by setting up proxy
a) Proxy address and port 8118.
13.Don’t forget the remaining MB of the 50MB/day plan. U will use it to load relay information for you friends and Clients. It only takes about 3.2MB to load relay info in one system.
14. Have fun, Browse to infinity.
15. Enjoy it, Research to infinity.
16. It is damn fast.