Online Payment Methods available to Nigerians

Just recently, Online business started making waves in Nigeria with a good number of Nigerians really interested in the benefits. These benefits would only have ended as a mere dream if not for the intervention of some good companies;  online transactions partners who came at the right time. Equally some banks have introduced VISA CARD, Online banking, ATM and some other methods that makes online payment easier for Nigerians.
The most fascinating of all online payment available to Nigerians are VTN and Liberty Reserve.
Liberty Reserve (LR) enable one to pay online bills and do all sort of transactions with just a click of the mouse button.  For liberty reserve registration click here. Liberty reserve is available world wide and it’s acceptability is very high; almost all online market/company accepts LR.
VTN is available only to Nigerian. It has the entire requirement necessary for good online transaction. It is highly acceptable by reputable companies.  Register with VTN and wish you knew earlier.
It is import I mention some other ones available only to few Nigerians
Paypal = You need to have a US address and phone Number to register with PayPal.
VISA CARD= Offered by some banks but you need to have a domiciliary account with the bank. It is good if you inquire from those already using the card before applying for the card; Some Banks are something else………
Mastercard = Equally offered by some banks in Nigeria.
Interswitch /ATM Card = Easy way to make online payment if you willing to take the risk, it is not highly acceptable like others mention above.
If you need assistance registering with any of these methods mentioned above please do leave a comment.