How to Get Free website hosting from Domain Hosting Pal

Step 1: Create account here, if you already have an account with “Domain Hosting Pal” skip step 1.
Step 2: Update your profile, ensure that all information in your profile are correct. if you have done this then proceed to step 3
Step 3: Order DHP-Free package (proceed to step 4)

Step 4: Open a ticket via your account. Ticket id = Account activation for domain (Your domain name)

Post your account domain or user name in the forum.

Note: Your DHP-Free package will be activated within 12hours after verification.


Enjoy your free hosting for life.

Requirement: You need to have a registered domain, but if you don’t have a domain already, you can register one here, Yes! Domain Hosting Pal is equally running a promo on domain name registration. V. cheap